Please note that as of October 20, 2019, I have added navigation to different TCGs and moved the link to my trade form to the header image above (please do a forced reload for CSS)! Please let me know if you run into any issues or inconsistencies around my tradepost or have any questions because I recently had to reorganize it. This message will eventually be removed!

Hello, welcome to Megan's online TCG tradepost! You can see where I am currently active and view my cute collections using the navigation found above in the header image! I am excited to trade with you! Let's have fun and trade often~ ♡

This layout features a picture of cutie Taehyung from BTS_twt, lyrics translated by bts-trans, and various resources from saftbefehl3000, evey-v, and Youssef Habchi. This tradepost is managed with EasyTCG, Daggles Card Script (broken link), and the mastery scripts coded by the cutest and smartest, enthusiastic Andrea. The cute Yuri Plisetsky pixel on this page was a gift to me from a sweet anonymous creator♡