ptg-shalala (11/20)

svt-adoreujeonghan (13/20)

svt-home (14/20)

bts-doperm (15/20)

bts-dopesuga (12/20)

exo-loveshot (16/20)

gg-holidayhyoyeon (16/20)

gg-holidaysooyoung (16/20)

skz-mypaceleeknow (14/20)

skz-mypacewoojin (5/20)

svt-adoreudino (20/20)

svt-myi (11/20)

bts-dnav (8/20)

got7-justright (6/20)

got7-lullabybambam (18/20)

wg-ifeelyou (12/20)

le-vintagef (14/20)

le-vintagem (11/20)

Dream Deck

These are cards that I am saving for my event dream decks! I'd love to receive these if you have them ;3;

bts-idol09, bts-singularity11

(If you already see it below, I no longer need it and just haven't gotten to updating the list yet!)

First Priority

Second Priority

Third Priority

Please only send if you have nothing above!