Hello, welcome to Megan's online TCG tradepost! You can see where I am currently active and view my cute collections using the navigation found above in the header image! Additional navigation for each TCG will show up in the column to the left (under where you currently see "welcome!") Thank you for visiting -- I am excited to trade with you! Let's have fun and trade often~ ♡

This layout features sweetest summer fairy Kino from the PENTAGON'S Sum(me:r) teasers (stream Dr. BeBe!!!) and resources from caotiicah, Evey-V, Vector Hut, OpiaDesigns, CrudeliaGraphic, crazykira, and lovewillbiteyou. Wood textures gifted by wood texture queen and inspiration Andrea, and the fonts are Open Sans and Ballistick.

This tradepost is managed with EasyTCG. Other mods used are Daggles Card Script as modified by Caitlin, Showed Owned as Text, Show Currency, and other mods by Caitlin, Show Stars by Amber, Show Owned by Dite modified by myself with a bit of help from Argh with style inspired by Amber, Show Doubles as Text and other various mods by Danni, mastery scripts by the cutest and smartest, enthusiastic Andrea, and some features inspired by Ari's cutest tradepost. The cute Yuri Plisetsky pixel on this page was a gift to me from a sweet anonymous creator♡