My Darlings♡

I'm always recollecting these cutes, so feel free to drop them off -- doubles welcome! I will give them all the love♡
Please take any cards that you need!

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My Universe

A safe place for the cutest boys♡~
I'm currently keeping all Naughty Boy and Runaway era and mv cards (please drop any unwanted ones off, including doubles!) -- please take any other cards that you need!


Decks and eras that I'm holding onto to recollect in the future! Please only send if you have literally nothing else (including biases above) for me! Please do not ask for these!

all my love♡

I'll always accept anything in this section! ♡

Quick search keywords: day6-, gncd-wannabe, hatfelt, jihoon, lc-feedback, lc-galaxy, lc-therain, nf-rooftop, nf-springmemories, onf-, sf9-, sunmi-, tbz-, tripleh-, victon-nostalgicnight, wg-


Just some cards that make me happy & pretty keeps, please do not send ♡

Dream Decks

Saving for potential dream decks. Please do not request or send any of these cards.

There are currently no cards under this category.